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Discover the best Amazon PPC bidding software on the planet.

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Why we exist

AdLabs was born out of necessity.

We needed something that could handle sophisticated logic without sidelining the PPC manager in the process. We couldn't find that tool... so we built it ourselves.

The solution to an age-old battle

Automated or Manual Bid Management?

Our bid optimizer resolves the automation versus manual bid management debate. We harness the power of both, while avoiding the pitfalls of either, through a semi-automatic approach.

Speed & efficiency
Complex data management
Multi-layered bidding logic
Control & adaptability
Utilize human knowledge / intuition
Optimize toward bigger picture goals
Automatic Solutions
Manual Solutions

The most important tool in your arsenal

Proper bidding covers a multitude of PPC sins.

Bids are the primary levers we can pull to adjust investment levels, ranking, and profitability--which means getting them right is crucial. Think of bidding as the 20% of effort that yields 80% of results. Get a proper bidding system, and the Amazon ecosystem is yours for the taking.
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Our core pillars

What you can expect from us


Achieve more, faster. We prioritize lightning fast load times and quick operations.

Data Discovery

Unlock hidden trends with robust data discovery & analytical tables.

Time savings

Maximize productivity with our user-friendly interface and automated processes.


Exchange insights and stay current on industry trends.

Brand Analytics

Combine insights from Seller Central and Amazon Ads to measure the true impact of Spend on Total Sales

Custom Dashboards

Unlock unparalleled flexibility in data analysis with our platform's customizable widgets and charts

Secure Platform

Guard your data with industry-leading security measures.

Dedicated Support

Trust in our skilled support team for quick issue resolution and guidance.

Knowledge is power

Community and Education

Our founders are the hosts of "That Amazon Ads Podcast," a content authority on all things Amazon Advertising. When you join the waitlist, you gain access to our exclusive Discord community where you can personally interact with Stephen and Andrew and share ideas with other Amazon PPC enthusiasts.